We are a unique Buddhist charity in the UK that embraces Buddhists from all walks of life.  The charity celebrates equality and does not discriminate anyone because of their colour, race, caste, creed/lineage, sex, age or ability. In addition to these, here are some reasons that makes us unique:

  • Our Mission & Objectives are futuristic, relevant, and it appeals to all ages.
  • You can enjoy each other’s religious rites and tradition under a roof without prejudice.
  • It promotes equality, love, peace and harmony.

Buddhist unity is overdue. We must unite to eliminate centuries-old misconceptions, learn to respect each other and try to live in peace and harmony.

President Thousands Buddha UK (TBUK)

In its first year, this newly established charity had held important religious activities and has received blessings from various religious teachers: Khen Sange Rangjung Rinpochhe, Khenpo Gyaljay Sherpa, Khenpo Santosh Gurung, Acharya Chewang Gurung, and Bajra Achrya Janta Lama Gurung.  The charity has its own lama Lopen Phurba Tenjin Sherpa.  The volunteers have provided welfare support and moral guidance to many bereaved families in the early days of losing their beloved family members.

We need to explore and celebrate common ground between Buddhist cultures. It would be wrong if we take pride in ours but chastise others.

President Thousands Buddha UK (TBUK)

The charity does not own a place hence has to rent a hall to conduct its religious activities.  It is raising money through donation and aims to buy or build a holy place in Reading or somewhere in its peripheral area, where anyone can come and worship freely without any fear of discrimination.  In order to raise the amount needed, the charity has introduced ‘Place a Buddha’ initiative.  Only 2000 ‘place a buddha’ places are on offer for those who donate £1000 or more.  These donors will be classed as Founding Members and the plan is to have their name permanently on the charity’s website and Thousands Buddha UK’s wall computers.

Membership monthly fee is free for those who could not afford to pay but its members are requested to pay a nominal monthly fee of £1 or more if they can afford to pay more.

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